Gratto Visual Arts
Gratto Visual Arts

Stephen Gratto has a diverse educational background including


  • 6 years of experience as electrical engineer with the IBM Corporation
  • 13 years as a physics and science teacher
  • 1 year as a Fulbright Exchange Teacher in England, UK
  • 7 years as a high school principal
  • 4 years as a Superintendent
  • Participant in the Chinese Exchange Initiative for public school administrators
  • 32 years of performing experience as a juggler, unicyclist, rope walker, balancer, and comedian


His experiences give him a unique perspective on life and education that he shares with audiences in a fun and interactive way.  Comedy, juggling, unicycling, and audience participation are the vehicles he uses to relay his message.  Presentation topics include:


Science in the Real World


The Importance of Getting the Most out of Your Education

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